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Ode to Night Cruise


It was high school. I made a call to my mom at 12:30 on a Friday night. Despite the late hour, she picked up — my parents always pick up and I love them for it. Her voice came back heavy with sleep...

Revelations of a Couch Surfer


I understand why people do drugs.  Drugs and alcohol have the magical ability to take you somewhere else and it’s right here. A short trip. The journey is from your mind to your mirth, from your...

Destination or Channeller?


This wasn’t my first time to Whistler. I was there for a couple nights in November, a couple nights in 2017 as well. I’d been as a kid, for the skiing. This trip though was seven nights at a...

Becoming Gookish Pt. 2


“I haven’t seen someone sleeping in months.” “I haven’t been beside a sleeping person. I’ve been alone. I go to bed, I wake up. I don’t see myself sleep. I don’t see anyone sleeping.”  I wrote that...

Doomsday Prepping


I’ve always liked rules. Not the kind that inhibit actions but the kind that provide conditional instructions. Commandments that provide clarity and quell difficulty. I would make them for myself...

Open Doors


I couldn’t sleep last night. Of course, I did. Eventually.  While my thoughts paced in the blackness behind my eyelids, they passed over my childhood. (How lovely — to think of incidents from decades...

Regarding Break-ups


Tell me: “I don’t like you anymore” — that’s what I want. And it’s what you should want too.  Whether it came on quickly or it built over time, once the feelings of “I need to break up with this...

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