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Open Doors


I couldn’t sleep last night. Of course, I did. Eventually.  While my thoughts paced in the blackness behind my eyelids, they passed over my childhood. (How lovely — to think of incidents from decades...

Regarding Break-ups


Tell me: “I don’t like you anymore” — that’s what I want. And it’s what you should want too.  Whether it came on quickly or it built over time, once the feelings of “I need to break up with this...

Take on a Challenge


masquerade – gang – allege – double – lucky tea – personality – introduction – parasite – class He’s not waking, despite the bustle of the street, and...

Big Time Deals


feud – philosophy – palace – finger – scandal skyscraper – complacent – handle – crawl – challenge Real money is changing hands. I couldn’t believe it...

Crossing the Line


defamation – stroke – reporter – truck – weasel supermarket – encyclopedia – contemplate – classify – clutch It was a stroke of luck she’d intercepted...

Travelling West


Our 787 hunts the setting sun towards the horizon behind the Pacific Ocean. Though we don’t look like hunters. Instead, evenly-spaced and hushed, we passengers look like we’re running...

On a Quest


medieval – derive – molten – oar – rhythm ears – antique – corn – daughter – yammer “No sir, if you’re looking for a specific item, it’s best just to...

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