One page, one story, ten words included. Enjoy.


A Family Mystery Uncovered

Sunday – secret – wallpaper – swap – sister curiosity – island – notebook – marathon – demand Of the group that people referred to as “the Talberts,” there were five: Ray the father, Ruby the mother, Darren at thirteen, Carla at ten, and Tess at eight. They often forgot Rachel, Ray and Ruby’s first child, on account of her being twenty-four and also...

A Strange Request at a Piano Bar

carnival – sprained – mask – oxidation – awkward apple – juvenile – controversy – twirl – sassafras It was a new bar in town, despicable name. Sassafras. Open concept, dim lightning save for the piano that stood in a spotlight in the middle of the tables. I ordered an apple martini. The pianist didn’t sing, though he had a microphone, but fingered...

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