Unsolved Mystery


murder – green – agreement – traditional – carpenter
snake – sugar – kidney – congress – jam

“He’s dead.”  “What?”  “Jesus christ.”  “What are you talking about? Step into the light, you’re scaring me over there.”  “The greenie, the kid, he’s dead by the trees. I went to check on him.”  “Where is he?”  “I thought he was just taking a piss.”  “Where is he?”  “Come on.”  

“Just breathe, okay?”  “Like a murder?”  “No, relax, it looks like a snake bite.”  “Pull up his shirt.”  “Oh Jesus.”  “Fuck.”  “Look, you need to sit down or you’re going to faint.”  “It looks like it got him in the kidney.”  “Do we bring him back to the tents?”  “I don’t know.”  “I’m going to get a blanket to cover him.”  “No, let’s bring him back, we’ll cover him there, and we’ll keep a fire going all night.”  

“We didn’t know anything about him.”  “Except his views about congress.”  “Hey man, he’s dead, easy.”  “I’m just saying, he was traditional.”  “I liked him.”  “He told me he worked as a carpenter before he came out here.”  “Wow.”  “We have to call someone in the morning.”  “What do you mean in the morning? You’re not trekking all the way back to town.”  “Maybe just until we get cell signal.”  “That’s back to town.”  “We have to.”  “We can’t leave him here, definitely can’t take him with us.”  “So we have to go back to town, we’re in agreement on that?”  “I’ll stay with him.”  “Yeah, me too.”  “Okay.”  

“We should flip him onto his back, that’s more proper.”  “Help me.”  “Whoa, wait, look, his eye — it’s like he got smoked.”  “And he’s got bark in his hair.”  “Like somehow his face got jammed against a tree.”  “No, no, no.”  “Breathe.”  “He must have tripped, then got bit, or maybe the other way around.”  “Stop touching him! This is messed up. Let the police or whoever figure it out.”  “Wh—Police!? No way, sugar, not out here. You know how much dope we have around.”  “So what?” “No, that’s serious. That’s a good point.”  “Well — deal with it while we’re gone. Because the police are going to come back with us, they’re coming all the way out here, and we’re getting to the bottom of this.” 

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